Candied Pecans, Candied Almonds, Glazed Pecans, Glazed Almonds, Cinnamon Pecans,  Cashews, Candied Cashews, Glazed
Cashews, Fried Pecans, Sweet and Salty Peanuts, Beer Nuts, Spicy Peanuts, Garlic Flavor, Southern Fried Nuts, Roasted
Nuts, Spanish Peanuts
Original Nut Hut
Finest Quality & Freshest Nuts Available
Original Nut Hut is a family owned and
operated business offering our
Famous Sweet
Glazed Pecans
, Almonds and Cashews, our
Southern Fried Pecans and Gourmet Beer Nuts
- Spicy Swamp, Geek Me Garlic and Hot Hot
Always freshly prepared and made to order.
Also Specialty decorative gift tins,
Nutlicious towers and Gourmet rounders.
We prepare our own nuts the same day we ship,
so they reach you deliciously fresh as if you
bought them from our shop

If you LOVE nuts you'll LOVE us!
Home of The Famous Sweet Glaze
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